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Why Choose XELEX?

At Xelex, we focus on highest quality products and with affordable cost for customers. Our experienced engineering team wants to deliver excellent services as well as delivery on time because we know that the less time we take, the happier customers we will get.
Customer Happy – We happy


We aim to be quality in whatever products and services we create, aiming to become one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region in the next 5 years.


All product creation activities are designed based on specific specifications and are closely monitored to ensure that all equipment or products provided to us by our customers are of high quality. lowest and lowest price possible.


We are always committed to providing the best experience of the products we provide such as hardware, software & quality services to all customers from farmer households, cooperatives, students, students and teachers etc.


We are pioneers in our field, building what you want the way you want it.
Precise, productive and super motivated.


XELEX has a proud history of engineering some of the most complex injection molded products in Vietnam. Trusted by Governments and Entrepreneurs in Vietnam, we provide our customers with design services, superior technology and a global manufacturing footprint that ensure products of the highest quality.


Xelex tablet with ERP software inside has been integrated with the following components: project management, Material management & supply management. services, equipment asset management, warehouse management, financial and accounting management. The system aims to replace discrete processes, discrete data, connecting operations of all branches, departments, subsidiaries.


Xelex tablet with ERP software inside has been integrated with the following components: business management, supply & service management, equipment and asset management, warehouse management, production management, financial and accounting management. The system aims to replace discrete processes, discrete data, connecting operations of all branches, departments, subsidiaries.


Xelex Tablet help student to bring less book but getting more knowledge. By using Xelex Tablet, student can read thousand of book from the school digital library and internet. They can receive and submit their homework without going to school. Moreover, Covid-19 with social distancing raise the demand of study at home and Xelex Tablet is the best teaching method for both teacher and student.


Xelex tablet with Worldsoft Mr.Agri software is a useful tool to help farmers to plan production and business effectively, and then compare with business practices to help farmers have the most comprehensive view of the industry. your farm work. In addition, the software also helps farmers to keep track of loan amounts and loan interests according to specific loan contracts.


Xelex tablet helps employees to easily carry out the work of processing people’s records according to the “one-door” procedure. The system supports people to track the status of how their records are being processed and how. In the process of waiting for processing, customers can visit the UB website to know the status of the application and receive an email notification of the actual submission date.


Xelex tablet with Worldsoft RMS Preinstalled help Store manager to be easy to manage the business with a chain of stores suitable for retail businesses such as construction materials stores, distribution agents, etc. Moreover, it is easily integrated with Worldsoft ERP’s comprehensive business management system. With the tablet, customer can keep track of inventory at each store and for the entire business easily.


Xelex Tablet help doctor to quickly gather and access information with the touch of a fingertip, and carry it around wherever you go is invaluable for those working in this sector.Xelex are simple and convenient to use. It provide an accurately measured dosage of the active ingredient in a convenient portable package, and can be designed to protect unstable medications or disguise unpalatable ingredients


Xelex also making IoT devices such as Sensor and others devices that can be controlled and connect with Internet. IoT devices can collect data on temperature, rainfall, humidity, wind speed, pest infestation, and soil content. This data can be used to automate farming techniques, take informed decisions to improve quality and quantity, minimize risk and waste, and reduce effort required to manage crops.


XELEX offers a wide range of products and services to a diverse group of industries around the globe. Whatever the project, whatever the market, we are committed to providing the engineering expertise and extensive manufacturing know-how to deliver the best product at the most cost-effective price.

XELEX provides all services necessary to take your ideas or design from a concept stage through out production. With our expertise engineers and experiencing in products design, we are capable in Project management, electronics design, PCB layout, mechanical design, industrial design, firmware/bios development, software development.




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