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Step by step support stable business, safe production

(CPV) – The pace of life in the southern provinces is gradually returning to the “new normal”. Many enterprises (enterprises) have restored their operations, taking the initiative in their labor resources to gradually stabilize production.

Xelex Technology Company (Ho Chi Minh City) is ready when TP. Ho Chi Minh City opened the door, at the same time building product strategy, business strategy and cooperation with partners.

As soon as the city Ho Chi Minh City began to relax the distance, Xelex Technology Company (Ho Chi Minh City) specializing in research and development of artificial intelligence and computer production has reopened production activities according to the method. Be cautious, sure to ensure the safety of production and staff, comply with government guidelines and requirements. Linking small groups together according to a modular model, from there, they will return to normal operation.

Mr. Nguyen Ai Huu, Chairman of the Company shared: During the time of social distancing, the Company was flexible, operating according to the bubble model, organizing small groups to work flexibly on the spot, maintaining activities Research and design new products to be ready when Ho Chi Minh City opens, at the same time develop product strategy, business strategy and cooperation with partners. The groups maintain online connections, work on the company’s online software. So the company can still operate.

Mr. Huu said: Responding to the program “Waves and computers for children” chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communications and coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Training, Xelex Company proposed 2 lines of Xelex tablets. 8-inch and 10-inch Xelex tablets with non-profit criteria and manufactured and assembled in ISO certified Vietnamese factories. Total output is expected to be 600,000 sets of products in 2021. In order to achieve the goal of optimizing production costs, providing the best quality products with the most effective costs for the Program while the epidemic is still ongoing. Not yet finished, the Company has negotiated with strategic component suppliers to enjoy the best price policy, fastest delivery time. Optimize production and assembly processes to optimize production costs, while cutting indirect costs. Regarding employment,The company arranges many alternate shifts at the office and the factory. Deploy applications and barcode scanning software for warehouse management, assembly control to minimize direct contact. Build and adjust the production and assembly process in accordance with the conditions to ensure the distance…

“What our business wants right now is to support import tax reduction, delay payment of input VAT, quickly support standard conformity procedures for products, support customs clearance time…” Mr. Huu said. .

Mr. Meguro Minoru, General Director of Yazaki EDS Vietnam Co., Ltd., said: Currently, there are nearly 1,300 workers at the company who are implementing the “3 on-site” option and about 90% of these have been vaccinated. The company is getting ready to enter a new phase when economic activities of the province are restored.

In the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, as of October 6, the number of active businesses has reached 9,200 enterprises. Before the epidemic, the city’s export processing zones and industrial zones had 288,000 employees. By October 6, the number of businesses operating and the number of employees returning to work in export processing zones and industrial parks reached 66.8%. In the hi-tech park, 88/118 businesses have resumed operations, accounting for 74.3%.

According to Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thi Thang said that since the first epidemic broke out in 2020, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has issued 3 circulars including 01, 03 and 14 with the content of extending and freezing debts for businesses. , especially supporting businesses not to jump into debt groups. Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee also noted that if businesses encounter difficulties, they can report them to the SBV Ho Chi Minh City Branch. As for the group of small businesses and business households that are difficult to access to the SBV and the commercial banking system, there are many other channels to access capital, such as the Women’s Union, Youth Union, Labor Confederation (CEP Fund for unsecured loans) ), the social policy banking system in the district. “At the Bank for Social Policies, production facilities can borrow up to 2 billion VND with the interest rate depending on the period, currently 7.92%/year. Individuals can borrow up to 100 million VND/household. with an interest rate of 0.5%/month” – Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee.information.

Regarding tax policy, leaders of the city. Ho Chi Minh also said that in order to provide more support for businesses, the city has directed the Tax Department to work with tax branches to carry out tax refund procedures early.

As we noted, not only in TP. In Ho Chi Minh City, although the epidemic causes negative impacts, in the long run, Binh Duong is still an attractive investment destination. Mr. Gricha Safarian, General Director of Puratos Company, said that he is always satisfied when choosing Binh Duong to set up the factory. “Although in the past time, due to the epidemic, the blockade and movement restrictions have had a great impact on production activities. However, we still believe in the investment environment of Binh Duong and always want to maintain a long-term business operation here”, Mr. Gricha Safarian shared.

Outbreak of the disease, most businesses are affected and affected.

Through the outbreak of the disease, most businesses were affected and affected, facing many difficulties and challenges due to having to suspend operations, no revenue, while output costs still had to continue to be maintained. maintain.

Sharing the difficulties and problems of enterprises, Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Vice Chairman of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee affirmed that Binh Duong authorities make every effort to soon return production activities to a new normal state. Currently, although the disease has been controlled, the risk of an outbreak is still high, so the province advocates reopening production step by step on the principle of ensuring safety, firmly protecting the province’s anti-epidemic achievements as well as protecting agricultural products. export to enterprises. Binh Duong has been bringing healthcare closer to the people and workers to promptly respond to the epidemic when it occurs. The province will facilitate the movement of workers to production plants on the principle of maintaining safety.

For these problems, at the earliest time, Binh Duong province commits to continue injecting 2nd dose to workers in industrial parks and factories according to the number of vaccines issued by the government. Binh Duong is also coordinating with other provinces in the region to agree on a transportation plan for workers and will soon come up with a specific plan. The business community needs to soon have a plan to reproduce so that the industries can check and review the safety, gradually reopening production in the new situation. In order to realize the common goal and “dual task” that Binh Duong province has set out from now to the end of 2021, the departments and branches clearly define the restoration of activities in all areas of the industry in the “normal” state. new” is also implemented under the motto “Safety first”.Mai Phan – Ut Van


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